Long Sleeve Merino Jersey


Search and State Long Sleeve Merino Jersey

Search and State's long sleeve merino jersey is the best in its class by a wide margin.  This is the go-to piece in the industry when long sleeved wool is called for.  It's luxe. It's durable.  It performs. It feels good, looks good, and does everything it is supposed to. As far as merino goes there really isn't much that hasn't been said about it. Everyone knows it has a natural (or magical) ability to regulate body temperature. It's warmth-to-weight ratio is superb. It wicks moisture, insulates when wet, and has antibacterial properties so you can get more rides in between washes. SAS merino is sourced sustainably and is incredibly soft to the touch. This jersey has been featured and reviewed countless times over the years and comes out with the highest marks every time.