GOBIK Tops Comparison Guide

This concise guide aims to offer you a more comprehensive understanding of the models that align with your cycling pursuits, personal preferences, or the climate conditions of your specific location

Base Layers

Providing thermal insulation during chilly days and effective moisture management on warmer ones, base layers stand as a fundamental and indispensable piece of clothing for cycling enthusiasts.

Use Temperature 30 to 15ºC 30 to 15ºC 20 to 10ºC 15 to 5ºC
Weight 50g(M) 70g(M) 85g(M) 125g(M)
Material Silky 3D Polartec® Delta Polypropylene Merino Wool
Ideal in spring
Sleeve Length Sleeveless Short Sleeve Short & Long Short & Long
Warmth None None Low High
Breathability Highly Breathable Highly Breathable Highly Breathable Breathable

Second Skin: this sleeveless technical undershirt is constructed with a featherweight and highly breathable material producing a second-skin feel. Designed to keep you dry, it efficiently manages temperature by wicking sweat away from your skin to the surface.

Cell Skin: a base layer for medium and high temperatures made with Polartec® Delta™ fabric. This fabric is more breathable and works better to efficiently regulate body temperature than other second-skin fabrics.

Limber Skin: a seamless thermal undershirt that keeps body temperature stable and evacuates body moisture quickly to the outside.

Winter Merino: a thermal base layer with merino wool that provides air regulation between the skin and jersey. It is insulated to protect you from the cold and its soft, natural fiber is antibacterial to keep you fresh throughout your ride.


In essence, a cycling jersey crafted from highly breathable fabric can ensure you stay comfortable and dry. Discovering the ideal jersey that suits your needs is crucial, and GOBIK offers five distinct jersey styles, each designed with a specific purpose in mind.

Use Temperature 22 to 30ºC 20 to 38ºC 22 to 38ºC 22 to 38ºC 22 to 38ºC
Weight 120g(M) 110g(M) 115g(M) 105g(M) 110g(M)
Fit Regular Fit Perfect Fit Ultra Fit Ultra Fit Ultra Slim Fit
Sun Protection 40+ UPF 50+ UPF 40+ UPF 40+ UPF 40+ UPF
Aerodynamics Not Aero Very Aero Somewhat Aero Very Aero Extremely Aero
Breathability Low Moderate Very High High Very High

Stark: this versatile model features a classic yet forgiving cut, ensuring a comfortable fit for various body types due to its Regular Fit design.

CX Pro: offers elasticity, ultralight construction, a snug fit, and excellent breathability. Balancing performance and comfort, this jersey is versatile for various disciplines.

Carrera: effortlessly blends top-tier aerodynamics with exceptional breathability. Its ingenious mesh fabric guarantees unrivaled ventilation, forming a winning combination for hot weather rides.

Attitude: prioritizing aerodynamics and weightlessness. Crafted from ultra-flexible fabric and featuring an Ultra Fit, it embraces a second-skin sensation for unparalleled performance

Infinity: embodies an engineering and design concept rooted in the needs of pro cyclists with an ultra-slim fit and unparalled aerodynamic design.


Shielding you from cold, wind, and even unexpected rain, this concise guide will help you identify the perfect longsleeve tailored to your activity, preferences, and geographical conditions.

Use Temperature 18 to 25ºC 9 to 17ºC 8 to 16ºC 6 to 14ºC
Weight 150g(M) 220g(M) 280g(M) 300g(M)
Fit Perfect Fit Perfect Fit Perfect Fit Perfect Fit
Inner Lining None Microfleece Microfleece Microfleece
Windproof No No No Yes
Water Resistant No No No Yes

CX Pro: this highly technical jersey is dedicated to peak performance, featuring an aerodynamic, snug fit that places a premium on lightweight design.

Pacer: an exceptionally versatile and essential addition to a cyclist's wardrobe, serving as as an indispensable longsleeve or mid-layer, perfect for wearing beneath a winter jacket or vest.

Cobble: this plush and highly insulated longsleeve, serves as an excellent secondary layer, enabling a variety of outfit combinations. Its versatility can be further enhanced by pairing it with baselayers, vests, or even jackets

SuperCobble: integrates the warmth of our Cobble jersey and the protective Event® DVstretch™ membrane, ensuring you're prepared for windy, slightly rainy days without an extra vest. This membrane also delivers excellent stretch and breathability for added comfort.


Layering has well-known advantages when it comes to managing cold weather and sweat effectively. The vest takes this approach to heart, providing not only insulation but also wind and moisture resistance, which is particularly advantageous for cyclists cruising at higher speeds.

Use Temperature +18 to +10ºC +16 to +8ºC
Weight 90g(S) 210g(S)
Rain-Resistant No Yes
Inner Lining None Thermal
Ideal In spring

Plus: an aerodynamic, ultralight vest that's foldable and windproof – perfect for days with changing temperatures or strong winds. The windproof front ensures your chest and core stay warm during chilly mornings and descents on mountain passes.

XMAX: a versatile unisex thermal vest with a windproof and light rain-resistant Event® DVstretch™ membrane, ensuring breathability. Perfect for cooler temperatures during intermediate seasons and variable weather, its insulation safeguards your chest and core.


When choosing a cycling jacket, the key priorities are wind resistance and moisture protection. In regions where weather is unpredictable, and dry weather isn't guaranteed, an outlayer becomes a necessity. GOBIK offers a variety of jackets for any condition

Garment Type Waterproof Jacket Light Jacket Waterproof Jacket Thermal Jacket Thermal Jacket
Temperature Range 5 to 15ºC 5 to 15ºC 5 to 15ºC 0 to 12ºC -5 to 10ºC
Inner Lining None Microfleece None Microfleece Polartec NeoShell
Windproof Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Rain Resistant Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Waterproof Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Membrane Lightshell DWR Polartec Neoshell Event DVstretch Polartec Neoshell
Water Column 10,000mm 10,000mm 10,000mm
Breathability 10,000g/m2/24h 30,000b/m2/24h 18,000g/m2/24h 30,000g/m2/24h

Pluvia: designed for unpredictable weather during trips, it efficiently repels heavy rain, utilizing Lightshell fabric known for its lightweight, breathable, and quick-drying properties.

Mist: ensures freedom and flexibility in training amid unpredictable weather, equipped with a wind and water-resistant front and a warm, breathable back panel.

Envy: featuring advanced insulation and exceptional breathability; experience a wide thermal range with the world's most breathable waterproof fabric by Polartec®.

Skimo Pro: equipped with Event® DVstretch™ membrane, it excels in intense cold and light rain conditions while providing the flexibility to layer.

Armour: providing protection against rain and wind through its outer layer, while its inner layer ensures optimal temperature regulation for early winter conditions.

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